Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Need Your Votes!!

Did you know that the world of craft has their own Olympic Events? No? Well they do! The 2012 Handmade Olympics are well on their way over at the Rikrak Studio. There are 7 events and you can vote in all of them!

voting rules:
1. you can vote once in each event.
2. voting closes on friday april 27th at 11:59 EST
3. the top 3-vote getters in each event will be announced on monday, april 30th: when they'll be awarded their amazing prize packs! woohoo!!! don't forget, over $1700 worth of handmade and vintage prizes to be won!

 Please be sure to vote for my little elephant pitcher which is up for a medal in event #4  "your favourite handmade goodie that inspires wellness & loveliness." Paul Lowe, the mastermind behind the lovely online magazine and blog, Sweet Paul, was the judge for this event.

Be sure to check out (and vote for!) another of my favorite artists (and former Baltimorian) Chrissy Prusha Mahuna of Felted Chicken. Her Felted Koi is up for an award in event #1. Chrissy creates amazing sculpture with a needle and felt when she's not creating amazing sets for Hollywood. She's even crafty enough to make her own how-to videos so you too can learn her super felty ways! Head over to her website and learn a thing or two!

I hope you take the time to go check out all the crafty folks whose work made it to the top 10 in their category. I love all the work and am super excited to be nominated this year!

As always, thanks for your support Baltimore! 
Shawna - Pinkkiss Pottery

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