Friday, August 15, 2008

On these walls.

Michael and I spent yesterday in Home Depot picking up mulch for the backyard. Along the way we stopped to check out the paint samples. Our next home project is to redo the upstairs room, we live in a cape cod so the upstairs is one long room. We need to make it into a guest room/office for Michael. I think the one problem we're going to run into is hanging stuff on the walls. The walls slat inward starting at about waist high, not ideal for frames or anything that goes on a nail. I spotted these wall decals on etsy this moring and they might just be the perfect solution! You can find theses beautiful decals in the Dali Decals shop or just do a search for "wall decals" to find other sellers.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting ready for school...

I just love these reuseable baggies from Plum Creek. They would be the perfect ec0-friendly solution to perfectly portioned lunches. I came across them via IndieFixx.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Waiting for the kiln...

I fired a bisque last night and I'm thinking I will have to wait until tomorrow to unload. My studio is now to the point where I need to get stuff in the kiln just for the shelf space! Hopefully this week I can make my way over to Ikea and buy some more shelves. I have yet to figure out the best way to store stuff because I like to be able to get to it easily. If I pack it away it's hard to get work posted on etsy because it's an ordeal to unpack it, take a picture, repack it and then if it sells, find it again. If anyone out there has any suggestions please leave me a comment! I can use all the organization help I can get.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The end of the summer.

Today Michael and I worked for hours clearing out our very overgrown yard and garden. It looks loads better but it's sad that this is really the end of the summer for us. I cut down my lavendar plants and hung the flowers to dry down in the studio. I am hoping that when fall comes I will make the dried flowers into some pretty little scented pillows to give out around the holidays. I would also like to try baking something, I'm very inspired by these yummy looking Honey Lavendar Shortbread Cookies by Whimsy and Spice. They are the cutest family from Brooklyn, he is a chef and she takes the photography. Everything in their shop looks delicious!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to work!

Ok, now that we are finally home from our trip to Long Beach Island and then to Wildwood for our good friend's engagement's time to buckle down and get into posting new work. I just spent all morning editing photos to post this week so hopefully I can stick to it. Here is the first post with some new dipping dishes. These will be available really soon from my etsy shop.