Monday, August 24, 2009


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Taking a leap.

This post isn't really about the pendants I have posted above but I don't have any pictures to go along with this topic so instead I'm sharing the pictures I took yesterday. I'm trying to clean up the pics for Clayworks but I lost the light yesterday when a storm rolled in and blocked out the sun so I'll try again today.
This post is really about the god things that can happen when you take a risk and follow your heart. Most of you know that this spring I quit my job teaching elementary school. I just felt that there was more out there for me and I really needed time to work in my studio. I've been really stressed this summer wondering what I was going to do to make ends meet, if my pottery was really going to support me and pay my share of the bills.(By the way I just have to add that Michael has been so supportive and never doubts me one bit...all this stress is self induced) My studio is really bare at the moment and I have lots of work to catch up on but a few great opportunities have come my way, I will share them as they get closer but for now are still secret:) It still takes a LOT of pots to make a living and since I really have trouble charging what I should for them it's a slow process of bringing in money. So how does any of this relate to the good that comes from following your heart? I just accepted a job offer from Towson University to teach a couple of their Art Education classes. Having student teachers is something I have always loved doing and I think I'm pretty good at so this will be a really neat opportunity. It's only 2 days a week so I will still have plenty of studio time but will also have a paycheck coming in. Not to mention I've always wanted to teach at the college level. It's funny how things sort of fall into place when you just give yourself up to fate. This might not be a long term thing but for now it's helping my stress and opening a new avenue for me. I really do love teaching I just couldn't do it full time, 1 hour away anymore. Towson is only 15 minutes from my house so no more highway commute!! So from now on you can call me.....Professor. Just kidding!