Friday, March 26, 2010

Terrasig Tests

Good morning! I wanted to share some dishes that I tested my terrasig on last week. I like the way they came out and how they reacted nicely with my glaze. I am able to print easily on the surface and there are a few more texture possibilities since the sig is so much thinner than the slip I was using. It also seems to work nicely with the underglaze. I still need to do a little more testing but so far I am liking it. If nothing else I really like the red sig on the bottoms of pots to give a smoother texture without glaze. Today I have lots of decorating to do and hopefully a kiln to unload. I might take a break this weekend to paint our upstairs and if I get a chance I will share some pics of the process since I think it will be a major change (it is soon to be our office/guest room) for that space!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Platters

Just a quick post today as I am super busy rushing to the bank, post office, supply store, grocery store and vet for cat food (Mex is on a special diet) all before 7 when I have a Mafia meeting to attend. But I did want to post the finished platters from the last post so you could see how they turned out. I'm pretty happy with them and am liking the new layers I am working with. I started using some new colors for some of my images. What do you think? The long tray would be great for tapas or bread and the shorter tray is just begging for some freshly steamed green beans or spring asparagus! Yum.... pots always make me hungry:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still here!

Hi guys, sorry I dropped off the blogging world for a week or so! It was my 30th birthday last week and we were super busy doing a bit of celebrating... dinner out , friends over for dinner and then a birthday bash on Saturday which was so lovely because it was in the 70's all day! We spent the day cleaning up the house and outside areas. Our outdoor furniture didn't make it through the snow this year so we had to replace it. I'm trying to do everything on the cheap side since being away for a month also resulted in no income for a month. I'm still getting orders ready and pushed through the kiln but man, is it taking a while to get back on my feet! I have quite a few shows coming up, gallery work and orders to fill and I am still trying to get some new designs out in between all the production. Sometimes your brain just needs to be creative and free for a day. Here is a new platter form I have been working on. It's all painted and waiting for me to unload it from the kiln today. I can't wait to see it finished! I'll share some pics as soon as it's done:)
Oh, and here is a picture of M and I at the beach last just popped up on my facebook and I had to share it because I can't wait for summer again!