Friday, May 8, 2009

Double the shows...and the sun came out.

Well the rain took a little break today but the rumor is that it will return tomorrow just in time for the two craft shows Michael and I will be in. That's right, we split up our work and each of us is taking a show, two for the price of one! Wheeee! My momma is coming down tonight to help me with the show in our neighborhood, the Bizzare Bazzar in Hamilton while Michael will be hanging with the mafia at the Spring Art Mart in Mt. Vernon. If your in the 'hood you should stop by and check it out...should be lots of fun. Here is a little peek at my seedlings, they are taking off quite nicely, although there are some that haven't sprouted yet. I'm not sure if they just aren't ready or they are duds. Only time will tell I guess. I hope you all have a happy mother's day and treat mom to something special! Mine is getting to sit at the craft show with me all day:) She is getting a very nice tea set and some other goodies though (including one of those garden dibbles and a scarf from Red Praire Press). We might even go out for crabs!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

I feel like it will never stop raining here. We are having a week straight of rain. My plants are happy but it's really starting to get to me. I want the sunshine! It was such a tease to have those few days of 90 degree weather, I think it made us all crave summer. I'm also getting down to the final weeks of school and full time employment. Yesterday a girl came to interview for my job. It was kinda surreal. I think it made it a little more real for me that this is it and I won't be going back. I start to look around my classroom and make a mental list of everything I have to move out. It's such a mixed bag of emotions....what a ride! Most days I'm like "get me outta here right now!" and then some days it's more like "what am I doing? Leaving a good paying job in a tough economy to start a pottery buisness??" I realize how happy that thought makes me though and I don't know how I can't do it. I might be scraping for some part time work but I'm ok with that. Uuggg. I told you this rain was getting to me! Anyway, thought I would share this little still life of old bottles I made when we first moved into the house and I re-discovered when I was checking on my little seedlings.(I will share those photos later:) I totally have a thing for similar items all lined up, like a skyline on a shelf.