Friday, July 17, 2009

Off to PA...

Michael and I are off to a wedding in Pa this weekend and we are just working a little this morning before we have to hit the road! I'm kind of excited to wear my new dress this weekend as I splurged on a nice black cocktail dress for the many weddings we have ahead. This morning one of my tasks was to get the kiln unloaded and I wanted to share a few things that came out! It's kind of gray here today so the pictures are not quite as clear as I would like but what can you do? Can't control the weather:) I'm really excited about the petal bowls in larger sizes and the slow & steady cookie plates. They are all being listed in my etsy shop so stop by and check them out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New stuff on etsy!

Finally I have posted a few new pots on etsy and there will be more to come! I have a shelf full of glazed work waiting to get turn in the kiln tonight so hopefully there will be some pretty new glazes coming out this week. Michael and I have a wedding to go to this weekend so sadly will not be at artscape this year:( I hope you can go anyway and check out all our awesome B-More peeps who will be there. Also, the car is now fixed and back in it's parking space, hopefully safe. It actually looks better than it did before it was hit...I think they washed it! Now I just need the check from the insurance company and all drama will be over. Phew!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back and Inspired!

A crazy drum circle we ran into our first night in town.
Michael made fun of me for taking a picture of a street sign.
Here we are at the "scenic view" about 2 hours away from Asheville.

We are back in town from our trip to Asheville, North Carolina and we had a blast! Some highlights include....awesome food (our favorite was the Tupleo Honey Cafe), cute downtown with crazy good street music, The Big Crafty of course (we were 2 tents down from Mudstuffing and I came home with one of Keith's peep show mugs!) and a walk around the river arts district where we got to see just a few of the many many potters who live in Asheville. Wow, there are a lot. Today I was read to be back in the studio and spent some time mixing up glazes and sitting at the wheel, something I haven't done in a while since I've been pretty into handbuilding lately. It felt good to have the clay in my hands again and I can't wait to try out some new ideas that have been stewing in my head:)