Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sorry to be absent the last few days but I have been playing in the dirt outside my house for a change! I ripped out the forest of weeds in the backyard and in their place planted some really pretty flowers, a butterfly bush and lots and lots of herb plants. I know I'm kinda late in the season for such a big overhaul but everything I planted is supposed to be hearty and come back next summer. Now my backyard is petty but I am covered in bug bites! So my itchy self decided to take a break today and work on some stuff inside. It helps that it's been raining all day. I took some pictures of some new pots and some stuff for Michael to list in his shop. Here are some mugs I made using my new molding technique, not sure I like the hand built handles. Thrown doesn't look right but these look too.... amateur-ish? I'll have to play around a little more. Handles are my least favorite thing to make. I have never felt really good at it so I guess that's why. Oh well, here you go anyway!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back in town...again.

We are back in Baltimore, again. This weekend we are not traveling (can you believe it!!) but we are having a BBQ to celebrate Michael's 30th birthday which we had to work during. In preparation I cleared out massive amounts of weeds from our back yard. We have these lovely garden plots in the yard but I have no idea what to put in them so they wind up just growing weeds and squirrel planted trees. I didn't have a yard growing up (we lived in a condo with a small garden that my mother is fabulous with) so I feel kinda lost when trying to landscape our lot. Hopefully this week I will be planting some things which I'm hoping will keep the weeds down. They can't grow if something is already there right? Anyway, if you are curious as to what I look like I thought would post this picture of me that Michael took with his iphone at the wedding we just attended. I rarely like pictures of me but this one was ok. I didn't even know he took it!