Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Heap is this weekend!!

If you are in the Baltimore 'hood make sure you don't miss this years Holiday Heap Craft Show put on by our own Charm City Craft Mafia. It's gonna be THE place to get your holiday shopping done this year. I will be there bright and early on Saturday (like really early 'cause it's our job to set up!) selling my wares so be sure to stop in and say "Hello"!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adam Wreck! A great gift for the children in your life...

I don't know if you all know this but M recently came out with his first all ages graphic novel. He's been on the book fair circuit and signing books like crazy! Of course I'm majorly proud of him and can't tell you how cool it is to see a line of kids waiting to talk to him and get a book signed. This would make such a cool gift for any children in your life, if you get it from him he will send a signed copy but you can of course buy from your local Barnes and Noble or Amazon.
Click Here to go to the website and Here to go to Michael's shop. While your shopping for the kids in your life, M just added children's T's to his line hand illustrated apparel so make sure to check that out too, available here.
Adam Wreck is trapped in the deep cosmos of space…with his parents!!!
For two years Adam has traveled through the universe with his genius parents - on a ship they invented called EARTH 1. This may sound like every kid’s wildest dream, but what fun is being the first kid in space if there’s nothing cool to see like comets, planets, or giant cyborg space aliens? Well, life for Adam is about to take an exciting turn when his family's ship is attacked and his parents are taken captive! Shipwrecked on a strange planet filled with even stranger alien creatures, Adam must find a way to save his parents from the diabolical and dastardly, Kalosian Space Pirates!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

I can't believe it's December already! Where did the time go? Sorry to have left everyone after my rant about grad school, I didn't mean to leave things that way. I did decide to put it off for now. It's not the right time and if M and I are ever going to start a family that would put a major shift in our plans. So it's on the back burner for now.
Otherwise, I have been totally lost in my own little world of Holiday Prep for a show at the end of November (yes, I know that's over), Thanksgiving with the in-laws (and 2 days of baking to prep for that) followed by a weekend of back to back craft shows until December 13th. Then I will be getting ready for a trip to Savannah to see my brother and his lovely family. Is it January yet?? I will try to keep up with blogging throughout this crazy Holiday Mayhem to keep you posted on events and work in the studio. I have had this itch to dive back into the white mid-range body that I had used before but am fighting the urge until after the holidays. M seems to think I get my greatest ideas that I have to try right before a major deadline or swam of shows. Then I'm really cranky when things don't turn out the way I had imagined and I am left with no work for said major event. So I will save him at least one headache this year and contain myself until slower times.
Click here to go to read my post on the Lillyella blog and get the recipe for the Rosemary Walnut Shortbread Cookies!