Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The pots they fly!

Currently I am slumped on my couch in an almost dark den after a 13 hour day of making pots. I am so happy that my work is going over so well but I never expected to have this many orders so fast! I feel like as soon as I make them they are photographed and out the door. To be clear I am NOT complaining. It's really nice, to be able to say I'm a working artist, how many people have that opportunity? Anyway, I hope to post some work in progress shots this, I guess this week is almost over so maybe next week:) Until then enjoy this new bowl that celebrates the journey of flight!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An art opening, Baltimore style.

Tonight Michael and I went to an opening put on by our friend Bovie (pictured above) who puts together a Halloween show every year at a local Baltimore Dive Bar. Baltimore has some really awesome dive bars and most of the time they are the best place to find great art. I know, it sounds weird but you gotta love the dive bars and the art support they show. Michael's piece is the funky orange chicken:)

Monday, October 5, 2009

A quick trip to Booklyn

This weekend was so incredibly crazy busy, we went from Crafty Bastards in DC (which was an amazing show, thank you to everyone who came out!) back home to Baltimore to restock Mikey and then hit the road to Brooklyn NY where we crashed on a friends floor to wake up early and show at Atlantic Antic street fair. Then we drove back home that night. I was so excited to see Brooklyn for the first time and was super excited to see that Whimsey and Spice was located just a few vendors down from us! Needless to say we had Pumpkin and Ginger cookies for breakfast, Earl Grey cookies for dessert and Mikey and I are now enjoying one of their Cardamom Marshmallows in our morning coffee. I just love their treats! The photography on their site is just lovely and the treats are just the right amount of sweet. Yum all around. Now that I am back we have 2 weeks until our next show and I have lots of work to do until then. I'll keep you posted on my etsy updates and a new design I've been cooking up in the studio.....stay tuned!