Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days

Well we are officially snowed in out here on the east coast. It's deep, cold and still coming down!! I made it back home on Thursday just in time to be blanketed in 30 inches of snow. Luckily I work in my basement so I have still been getting some work done. I decided to take the day yesterday and clean up the studio. It's been a while and when I left I wasn't expecting to be gone for very long and I was in a panic so I left a few things out that I would normally clean up right away. So yesterday in the hopes of clearing my head, and some space for new work, I spent the better part of the day locked down in the basement clearing out boxes and dusting off my work space. I always work better when everything is in it's place. Here are some shots of my little corner of the world, nothing fancy but all nice and clean, waiting for me to create!