Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clay problem solved!

My clay finally came in and now I have 10 boxes of beautiful fresh clay waiting for me in the studio. Well, most of it is still in the car waiting for Michael to unload it! I am stuck on the couch with a fever and zero energy. Figures right? (And for those of you who were wondering from the last post I use Stan's Red clay body with a coat of Pete Pinell's white slip and other underglaze colors painted and printed on.) Since I am stuck on the couch I have lots of time to search through etsy and I saw that Molly Hatch has added these lovely salt and pepper shakers to her shop. I just love her drawn details and have been a big fan of her work for some time. I might be purchasing a set of these since they are a steal at only $28! I am starting to think Holiday already and I have a feeling my mom would love these.