Friday, March 13, 2009

Teapot Update

Well I think these two are finished. Cute little sets, I think. I see some mistakes in both but I am now excited to make some more and improve on the design. What do you think?
P.s. I just listed some mini teapot "sketches" in my etsy shop! They would look so cute on a shelf as a little still life around your house.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A treat tonight!

Yikes! I can't belive it's Thursday already! Where did this week go? I took the day off tomorrow to treat myself to a 3 day weekend for my birthday. Monday I will be 29 but we're celebrating this weekend with dinner at Clementine with Monica and Drew followed by drinks at the Tavern with everyone else! Tonight Michael and I are heading to our corner rib joint for a pre-celebration dinner. Hopefully tomorrow I will get over to Whole Foods and get some good food in the house. I think I really stressed myself out last week making me sooo tired this week and as a result I have done minimal cooking and zero food shopping. It's ironic since cooking and eating well make me feel so much better. Oh well, tomorrow I will be taking some new photos and posting new work in the shop so be sure to check it out. Also, if you haven't already head on over to lillyella's blog and enter the givaway....followed by a sale but you have to read about it there:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog Feature Tomorrow.

Ok, so life has been a little crazy this past week and I have been neglecting my posting. I have been going through a whirlwind of emotions and have now settled on being excited and ready for the change. I may end up working the counter at Starbucks to pay the bills but it will be worth it to leave the stress of living 2 careers for one dream job. I have to say a big thank you to everyone who has been leaving me little words of support both here on the blog, on facebook and in person! You have all inspired me. I see that people do make this work and not a single person who has taken the plunge says they regret it. Actually, the only people who say I'm crazy are the non art types who can't imagine what I will do with all that "free time":) Now that I've calmed down a bit I will be back to more regular posting.
Tomorrow fellow etsy artist and blogger (and self employed quit her day job!) Nicole from Lillyella is featuring me on her blog starting tomorrow. She makes lovely jewelry like the Silver Garden Branch Bracelet above.You should make sure to check it out because I will be offering a discount and a giveaway throughout the week! Also, stay tuned for some more free stuff I'm cooking up in April to celebrate spring and Earth Day:)