Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Michael and I are back from our trip to Savannah where we spent the week with my brother, sister in law, mother and 2 adorable little munchkins. I thought I would share some pictures of our Holiday trip since the studio has been closed for the last week and I don't have anything new to post yet. The photos above and below are from our Christmas day which we spent at the Ronald McDonald house (if you don't know about this amazing organization click here to learn more) cooking dinner for the families who were staying there. Actually, my brother cooked and gave us directions, so technically we chopped, sauteed and stirred while he whipped our prep work into a delicious turkey dinner for 30.
After Christmas day while we were all relaxing M, my mom and I made cookies with the kids. The kids did most of the work...and taste testing while I directed, M got himself covered in flour trying to navigate the kids measuring cups and my mom handled the oven.
I think these two will be growing up to have their own show on the food network!
This isn't flour, it's powdered sugar which Tru cleaned up from the counter by scooping it into his mouth!
The original recipe we made didn't call for chocolate chips but the kids took a little creative licence and M thought they were even better with the chocolate decorations.
We had a great time in GA and can't wait to go back:) I hope you all had a lovely time with your family also!