Saturday, September 15, 2007

Here we are!

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Today I am waking up in Chicago getting ready for the Renegade show. It was a 13 hour drive, we almost ran out of gas in nowhere Illinois and we forgot the walls to our tent but all in all it was a pretty good trip.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A hand to hold...whatever!

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Today I am blogging shameless self promotion since we are supposed to be driving to Chicago um, now, for the Renegade craft show but here I am on the computer like always! I've been making these little hands for some time now. They are great to hold rings or tea bags after they have been many uses. I have quite a few around the house since I keep everything I deam un-sellable. I have made some for my hubby also but I tend to steal his! If you would like a little hand dish please visit my etsy shop, and if you come up with a good use for one drop me a line and let me know!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A girl after my own heart...

For those of you who know me, I had a brief period of time before I set up my kiln and ceramic studio where I was painting and showing in some of the shops around Baltimore. I was painting trees and including quotes lifted from vintage romance novels. I was just surfing around some different blogs and came across this lovely artist, CortneyP. Her paintings made me nostalgic for my past work. Her work is totally different from mine but shares some of the same elements. And....she's from Maryland! Weird. I love her work so maybe instead of dragging out my painting supplies (hubby turned my drawing table into his silk screening press) I'll just visit her etsy shop;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Kiln Load!

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Tonight I am glazing these new plates hopefully to take with me to Chicago this weekend. Pray to the kiln gods for me! I rushed them a little and already broke two. I can't wait to see them finished....finally some plates.

Oneup Designs.

So after peeling the loads of wallpaper off the walls in our home I vowed never to hang wallpaper for as long as I live for fear of having to one day remove it. It's sooo much easier to paint! However, I might change my mind after seeing these awesome wall decals listed on the front page of etsy today. They sold already but I hope more go up. These would really spruce up some dead wall space in my house. Or there are even more great wall decals at oneup designs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ok. Today I need something to make me happy and this print is just the thing. I was browsing my favorites on etsy and came across this adorable shop by Yellena. I just love the details she includes in her work and all the juicy colors. All those lines just make me drool! I know, it's weird to be so into patterns! Today I am opening a new bisque kiln and I'm super excited to see how all the dishes came out! Hopefully nothing broke since I rushed this firing. I am hoping to have some new work for Chicago this weekend.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A necklace from Imogene

Here is a fabulous necklace from my friend Annie of Imogene. She will be showcasing her work as well as some great work from other artists in Chicago this weekend. I just love her cut out necklaces! Such great things to buy at Renegade, I hope I can actually make some money too!
p.s. Annie and Steve are members of the Charm City Craft Mafia along with yours truly!'s a sneak peek!

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Here is a sneak peek at some pendants I will have at the upcoming Renegade Craft Show in Chicago next weekend! If your in the area stop by and check it out! Lots of craft mafia folk will be there also.I also have a kiln full of plates that I'm hoping to bring...if they turn out! Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well tonight. I think I'm rushing a few of them but hopefully they will dry out in the preheat.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

War with the Crickets

I am at war with the crickets. They have been taking over my studio and today I fought back. One of them was just sitting on a shelf full of plates waiting to be painted staring at me. I sprayed the basement and the perimeter of the house today. We had been coexisting just fine until they started to eat each other and grew to the size of small rodents. I'm not exaggerating. They pop and squirt when squished which you can only do with a phone book because of their massive size! So I am posting this platter by fellow etsy ceramic artist CeramicaBotanica today. She has an appreciation for the noisy giant creatures that I do not but I still think her work is awesome!

Birth by Michael S. Bracco

Michael just found out that his book is going NATIONAL!! Yeah for him! In honor of his achievement I watched 3 comic movies today while working in the studio. I started with Spiderman then moved to X-Men United and finished with Batman Begins. I'm feeling very geeky right now.

Check out Birth right now!! at


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This is my first post and I'm super excited! I am hoping to write about my adventures in clay and other crafty people who I admire. I might even throw in a recipie from time to time 'cause that's just the kinda girl I am!

This mug is fresh from the kiln! I'm really into short round mugs right now. They are so nice to hold!