Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Clean Out.

Today is our first real day of spring break, the weekend doesn't count because we would have that off anyway. It was somewhat productive but I can already see the days zooming by with out me getting everything crossed off my list, which is about a mile long. No, really, a mile. I did start the week by going to the gym and having my very out of shape butt kicked around by a young, very in shape trainer. It was my free trial for joining the gym.... Next I came home and sat on the couch drinking coffee and complaining to Michael about how sore my legs were after a whole 20 minutes of workout (he was not sympathetic). Then I mixed a few new test glazes and watched Michael play video games for a while and we ended the afternoon by cleaning the house and opening some windows (kittys are in heaven!) to get some fresh air. The house feels so nice and I'm working on getting rid of some things around the house that don't fit, collect dust or we just don't like anymore. I don't know how we get so much stuff when we hardly ever buy anything. Last night we went to our friends new house for pizza, beer and video games and I brought them a few of these little dippers for the new house. Hopefully this week will bring some new work and fresh ideas for spring. I'll keep you posted!