Monday, February 16, 2009

Lazy Monday.

At the moment Michael, myself and our kitty are lazing out on the couch watching TV. It's a very lazy Monday afternoon. Well deserved though, this morning we had our meeting to plan our spring craft show with the craft mafia and then I spent a few hours with my camera and Monica's cards. Here are a couple of the pics but with minimal editing:) Looking back on my list for this weekend I did pretty good, the only thing I still have left is working on those orders which I plan to do once I peel myself off this couch! We (well mostly Michael) even had some time to straighten up the house, which always makes me feel better. Later this week I hope to share some photos of the teapots I am working on. I think they are turning out really well so far and can't wait until they are finished! One already has a home with my friend Liz but the other might end up in my shop.

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sugar paperie said...

You are amazing - thanks for shooting my cards for me!! They are wonderful!!