Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teapots in progress

Here are some pictures of the teapots I have been working on. The pictures are the best I could do in my dark basement at night. The plastic on the lid is just to keep it from sticking. They still need to be decorated but I really dig the shapes so far. I also made some little tea cups to go with. Let me know what you think!


Mel said...

I love the disproportion of the teapots (big body, small lid + spout)!

pinkkiss said...

Thanks Mel! This is one of the first times I turned a sketch into an actual pot. Maybe it will encourage me to sketch more:)

Linda Starr said...

Like Mel, the first thing I noticed was the bulbous container which seems to be bursting or pushing forth and promising a really good tea. Very nice shape. I am intrigued with the idea of the plastic you have to keep the lid from sticking too.

pinkkiss said...

Linda- the plastic just helps the lid to not stick inside the pot as it drys. It's just a strip of plastic bag that I use when the clay is still kinda wet, it also helps me to take the lid in and out without damage or distortion.I always use it when making lids:)
Thanks for the feedback!

kyle kunnecke said...

loving those teapots! I am wondering... should the accompanying cups be oval in shape too? from what I can see, the teapots look sort of stretched horizontally - narrow one direction and wide the other... could be cool to distort teacups that way as well.

I also love the little foot you put on your teacups - do you think you'll put a foot on the teapot as well so that the glaze can go all the way down?

I aspire to be good at this... but it takes more than one semester of ceramics to get comfy with clay! :)