Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Love Weekend!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned! Hopefully this is a 3 day weekend for you too. I have a list of things to do these next few days including finishing an order, or 3, putting together some teapots, coming up with some jewelry designs for an upcoming show , dinner with Michael, getting my wedding band fixed, going to see Coraline (yay!), dinner with friends, making a casserole for the meeting I have on Monday morning (craft stuff) and photographing my friend Monica's cards. Do you think I can get all that done? I'm sure I left out some things too:) I will give you an update as I get some things crossed off my list. I'm most looking forward to the photo shoot, cards are a new subject for me and I'm excited for the challenge. I will post some photos when they are finished, I'm sure Monica won't mind!


FeltedChicken said...

How I envy you & your busy weekend!!! The grass is always green, huh? Just be sure to take some time for your LOVE!!!

Linda Starr said...

I've paperwork and housecleaning to do, Ugh, I'd much rather be making something in clay but can no longer put it off. Very cute pierced heart.