Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sushi Sets

Birch Leaf Chopstick holders will be on sale soon only $5 each...check my etsy shop!
On the Hunt sushi set.

Since I have cut meat (mostly) from my diet I have been trying to think of healthy quick meals that I can bring home for dinner. I work so far away that if I stop at the market on my way home by the time I get home I can either make dinner or work in the studio before it's time to go to bed. I really don't have time for both. To make this work I try to pick up what I need to make quick dinners throughout the week and something ready to eat for that night. That way I have time to put the food away and throw some food on a plate to eat, all without calling for takeout. Trouble is...what's a good pre-made meal that's healthy and easy with no meat? Sushi! My market has a little sushi stand that makes rolls while you wait. I can heat up some edamame from the frozen food section and there you have it! A quick throw together healthy meal for Michael and me. To make the meal appear more special I like to present the rolls all lined up on a pretty sushi plate with a soy sauce dipper on the side. I just started making these sets in the studio inspired by our weeknight sushi feasts. Look for them soon on etsy so you too can make a weeknight into a sushi night!

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Linda Starr said...

Very nice sushi sets especially the chopstick holder. I love sushi.