Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am such a sucker for things that are old and worn, they tell such history. Therefore I really love this print because it combines old and worn with kitchen utensils! That is my all time favorite combination. I think I first saw this print via designsponge but it's by artist Kari Herer on etsy. When I was little my mom loved (still does really) to go to the antique stores and shop around. I would always make a beeline for the little glass bottles that looked like someone dug them up from the backyard or little glass medicine bottles. I loved the old fashioned long glass drink stirrers. I would take them home and treasure them, all lined up on a shelf or hidden away in a box under the bed. I still have an obsession with all things vintage kitchen. Even our kitchen table is an old Formica set with these great asparagus green chairs.

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sugar paperie said...

We really should have an afternoon when we share our collections - I don't think I can get enough vintage kitchen stuff! All of our everday dishes are vintage dinerware. BTW, I used my altered collections in my MAT thesis - I have a whole load of real silver ware rescued from thrift stores all over Baltimore! Perhaps there is a tea party in our future! Or maybe a gin and tonic cocktail hour!