Thursday, January 29, 2009

Printed Plate.

Jumping Deer Plate
Originally uploaded by pinkkiss
This is a new design I've been cooking up in my studio. The plate is a handthrown slab formed in a slump mold and left to dry. When it's set I clean up the edges and make it nice and smooth to touch. I also paint the first layer of white slip over it, much like the layer of gesso in a painting. I got that comparison from Steven Colby and I think it totally fits. Once the plate is dry I screenprint text from old trashy romance novels all over it to give the impression of collage. I paint over the text with layers of underglaze and stenciled images. The finishing touch is a vintage image, made into a stamp which is printed on using underglaze as the ink. The plate is then fired to bisque and a clear, lead free/ food safe glaze which I make in my studio is applied. The plate goes into the kiln one final time to fire the glaze and make it nice and shiny. This plate will be availble through Red Tree Baltimore pretty soon. Hope you enjoy!


FeltedChicken said...

Thanx for your explaining your process. I am always amazed at great collage work, but can never even imagine HOW you do it.

Linda Starr said...

What a beautiful plate, I love the layering.

sugar paperie said...

This is perfect - can you make some more so that I can buy one?! You really need to be calling Anthropologie soon.