Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm ready for warmth

Bermda Vacation
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Today the sun is shining in through the windows and I just finished eating a cucumber and smoked salmon sandwich for breakfast, it tasted fresh and salty like summertime at the beach. I'm sipping my coffee and pretending that this scene is what I will walk into as I step outside...instead of the bitter cold air that is sure to hit my face as soon as I open the front door. Sigh, I am ready for the warmer months. My tolerance for winter is getting less and less with ever passing year. Can you be too young to retire to Florida? Like... before 30?
This picture was taken in Bermuda during Christmas of last year. I hope wherever you are reading this from has sunshine and warmth but if not you too can pretend with me:)


Mel said...

maybe it helps to know that we in Chicago are suffering a little more than you in Baltimore :)

thanks for pretending it is summer already :) greetings!

pinkkiss said...

That's true. I know we don't have as bad as some:) Here are some extra warm thoughts coming your way!

michael said...

here's wishing I was somewhere warm with you Shawna. I miss Bermuda!