Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baltimore Magazine!

Did you miss me? I took some time this last week to visit with my mom for a yummy turkey day and couldn't get onto her internet so it became a forced vacation from my laptop. It was actually pretty nice to un-plug for a few days. Before I went MIA last week I let you in on my mystery news. Baltimore magazine wrote a really nice article on the handmade in Baltimore and Mikey and I were featured! You can read it online here but it's really better if you can get your hands on a copy cause there are lots more pictures and a nice shopping guide. If you are a friend or relative who is out of town chances are you will be getting a copy mailed to you since Mikey and I bought out the local Barnes & Noble. My 15 minutes have started! Yay:)

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Anonymous said...

you inspire me! you guys are awesome!