Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gettin' Merry!

Tonight I spent my evening glazing many pots for Merry Mart this weekend. I think I made the glaze a little to thin so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the pots turn out ok. I had to double dip some of them and I really hate doing that. As I was fretting over my glaze I was half watching the holiday special on TV, Christmas at Rockefeller Center. It was getting me in the mood for Christmas. Michael thinks I'm a big dork but somehow it helps me get through the 3 months of 12 hour, 7 day work weeks.


Anonymous said...

I know all about the work-a-thon. I have 2 big shows, wholesale orders and a 2 year old. I am worn out. The kiln was down for 2 weeks until yesterday also, talk about a freak out. I love your work and enjoy your blog.

pinkkiss said...

Thank you so much! The kiln going down is my biggest fear! And what a time of year for that to happen:( Hope everything works out for you.

melissab said...

saw your work @ merry mart. love it! picked up a gift for my mom. it was so hard to choose. i'll look for you again at a future show, so i can get a gift for myself! Happy holidays!