Monday, January 17, 2011


Hooray! It's finally back to working order. Here is a mini tour of my newly organized studio space. Don't mind the dark lighting, it's really not that dark when your down there but it is a basement and it only photographs so well:)
This is my throwing area. The table is new and I love how there are shelves on one side and space for me to stand on the other. It's super sturdy so I can wedge and throw slabs with no problem!

Here is my packaging area. I hung some tension rods from the staircase to hold my wrapping supplies and it makes it soooo much easier!

This is my glaze table and dry material storage. Through the door is the kiln room. I wound up keeping my old metal chair and giving it new life with a can of spray paint. I'm still hoping for a more cushy chair to use in other areas of my studio.

Here is my in progress work storage and a wedging table. Michael gave me a little radio (above the scale) that I can plug my ipod in and listen to my music:)

I have a few more detail shots that I plan to share later. Of course there are still plenty of little things to be done but I'm just so happy to have everything back in working order. Tomorrow will be my first regular day back to work since the Holidays!


Rebecca said...

Great job! I love a clean studio - I think my work comes out much better when the clutter is all put away. Hope this is the start of a great year for you!

Mel said...

what a great way to start a new year! i bet you are excited to start working again :)

15 Painted Cups said...

*sigh* I love looking at pictures of other people's studios! I'm dreaming of the day when mine consists of more than a wheel, an old kitchen table, and a set of bookshelves!