Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Studio Shots

Here are a couple more shots of my studio space starting with my painting table. This table came with our house and was originally an old door. Someone added some legs and it became a table! I just painted it to match the green color I painted the door. These baskets hold my stamps and decorating tools.
Here is where my little kiln lives! I was pretty much sold on this house when I saw that the basement had a small "kiln room" attached. It's the perfect size for my kiln and I love that it's separated from the rest of the basement so I don't have to worry about the cats (or eventually a child) getting too close to a hot kiln.
This is our studio sink. My husband and I share it which is why it's covered in screen printing ink. I didn't bother to paint that wall!
Here is my finished work storage, which I'm so happy to have added to the studio. I can't believe that I had such a crappy system before. Now I have everything separated by what it is (mugs, bowls, espresso cups...) so I can see what I'm low on at a glance. The bottom TWO SHELVES are filled with "seconds". Yikes!
This baby is my brand new work table. Bought from Ikea, it is supposed to be a kitchen island which makes it really sturdy. I have two boards clamped to the surface of the table. One is covered in canvas and one in smooth slab mats for hand building. I have another set as well so I can switch out boards when I switch out clay colors (white to red) and not get everything mixed up.

Today was my first real day of work in the studio and it was great! There is still a period of getting used to where everything is now but once I get into the flow I'll have so much more space to create! Hope you enjoy looking and PLEASE go check out my etsy sale and help me clear out those 2 shelves!! Everything is being sold at rock bottom prices:)


amberrae82 said...

I Love all these pictures!! Thanks so much for the inspiration! If you get a chance check out my blog www.mysewsouthernlife.com I am new to this blogging thing and new to pottery. Thanks again!

attawie said...

Thanks for sharing. The place seems inviting for working. I just got married and moved to another country and my studio still not shipped yet. Can't wait to decorate the new studio.

the work table idea for the sets and different kinds of clay is a good one. Thanks for sharing.