Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wiped out.

Yesterday everything caught up with me and I wound up doing zero studio work and more or less sleeping on the couch all day. It actually made me feel better. Today I got up, called the car company, called for a rental car and got things moving on the whole car repair front. It took 3 trips to enterprise and many phone call from one branch to another to finally get us a car that will hopefully fit all of our stuff for the upcoming trip to North Carolina. Michael is thrilled with the "new car" and has taken it on his errands leaving me with his old Honda. It's his birthday so I'll let him have his fun. I have another bisque going right now so hopefully after this weekend I'll finally be able to put some new work in the etsy shop. Until then here is another pic from the last batch.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes i think i should do the same thing and just rest a day... it seems sometimes that it never stops.