Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to reality.

We are back from NJ, we were in Ramsey for the Woodstock weekend, an event my brother helped organize. He had asked us to set up our booths for the show on Saturday and we gladly agreed since we don't really have any shows we normally do on 4th of July weekend. The concert was great and we had prime seats for the fireworks which was really nice. I felt a little disorganized since we couldn't fit all of our normal display into Michael's Honda, including the tent, and I felt like the set up was not up to our normal standards. I did get to hang out with my family for a day or so and see my niece and nephew. This morning it's back to reality. I have to take my car in to get an estimate of damage and hopefully a rental car. We need to get a car that's the same size as my Vibe and will fit all of our stuff since this time we're driving to Ashville for a show this weekend. I'm hoping to not have to argue with the insurance company (hers not mine) over this. This whole situation is costing me much needed time in the studio. Anyway, here are some pictures of a new sushi set I took out of the last firing. I think I really like the addition of the stain on some of the other pieces. I just wish I had a good recipe for a clear satin glaze that fires to cone 03. Anyone have a recipe they could share? Does such a glaze exist?

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Anonymous said...

nice sushi set, good luck with the insurance thing