Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog Feature Tomorrow.

Ok, so life has been a little crazy this past week and I have been neglecting my posting. I have been going through a whirlwind of emotions and have now settled on being excited and ready for the change. I may end up working the counter at Starbucks to pay the bills but it will be worth it to leave the stress of living 2 careers for one dream job. I have to say a big thank you to everyone who has been leaving me little words of support both here on the blog, on facebook and in person! You have all inspired me. I see that people do make this work and not a single person who has taken the plunge says they regret it. Actually, the only people who say I'm crazy are the non art types who can't imagine what I will do with all that "free time":) Now that I've calmed down a bit I will be back to more regular posting.
Tomorrow fellow etsy artist and blogger (and self employed quit her day job!) Nicole from Lillyella is featuring me on her blog starting tomorrow. She makes lovely jewelry like the Silver Garden Branch Bracelet above.You should make sure to check it out because I will be offering a discount and a giveaway throughout the week! Also, stay tuned for some more free stuff I'm cooking up in April to celebrate spring and Earth Day:)


Linda Starr said...

congrats on quitting your day job and your blog feature. I am sure you will do great as a fulltime potter "with all that free time" he he.

shoshonasnow said...

Good for you! I did it 3 years ago. I was still teaching classes and found that I was worn out when it was time to make my own work. Then my husband sat me down and told me he knew I could do it on my own...He was right. Good luck! And "free time"??? What's that?? Make sure you do treat it like a job in one way...take 2 days a week off!! I'm actually still working on that one.

pinkkiss said...

Ha! I can't remember the last time I took 2 days off! I'm so happy to hear that you are making it work, I'm still a little in panic mode but I need to get over that.