Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More white pots

Hi again! Two days in a row...aren't you impressed? Here are some photos I took quickly today of the porcelain pots I pulled out of the kiln last night. Like I said yesterday, still not there yet. I need the glaze to be thin but when it's thin enough to not pull the prints, it's too thin on the rim. Maybe my rims are just to thin structure wise? It's different from working with the red clay for sure. Any advice on glazing? I was thinking about a slightly more matt glaze on the interior and rim in the hopes that it won't break as thin. Any ideas or recipes for a good liner glaze?
I was also thinking of leaving the exterior bare with just a liner spilling over the edge like in these pots but I'm not sure how they will hold up to daily use.
This one came out nice, it most resembles my work in the red clay. I really prefer some sort of color on the interior.


Judy Shreve said...

Shawna - it's hard to tell in the photos whether your rim is too thin or not -- these pics look great. What made you switch to white clay? I've considered it many times - but now I'm glad I've stayed with the earthenware.

Keeping your rims thicker might help - but I really think there's just a learning curve for glazes when you change clay bodies and firing temps.

pinkkiss said...

Hi Judy!
I am playing around with the white because the red I like is no longer available in my area. I could switch to another red but I thought since I had the chance I would see if a white is any quicker for me since I paint the red white anyway. I o like it but I think your right, there i a learning curve. There are things I like about both that if only I could combine I would have the perfect clay! I am thinking about keeping both around in my studio for now.

FetishGhost said...

Your surfaces are beautiful ... a delicate rim really accentuates your work very nicely.

Judy Shreve said...

Shawna - I agree that your nice thin rims are beautiful in your work. And again feel it's just going to take a few firings to see what works best.

Have you tried Standard's earthenware? I use #103 which is grogless - their #104 contains grog but I don't like my glazes/surfaces with the grog. Standard is out of Pittsburg so you should be able to get it there.

When I was seriously thinking about changing to a white clay body - I started asking myself why I used the red body -- and I love it's richness. So I've quit covering the entire piece in slip and now let some of that luscious red to show through.

Looking at your work always inspires me -- it'll be fun watching what you do with the white clay!!