Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Platters

Just a quick post today as I am super busy rushing to the bank, post office, supply store, grocery store and vet for cat food (Mex is on a special diet) all before 7 when I have a Mafia meeting to attend. But I did want to post the finished platters from the last post so you could see how they turned out. I'm pretty happy with them and am liking the new layers I am working with. I started using some new colors for some of my images. What do you think? The long tray would be great for tapas or bread and the shorter tray is just begging for some freshly steamed green beans or spring asparagus! Yum.... pots always make me hungry:)


Anonymous said...

Oh, they are so beautiful. I love the colors and their softness. Im thinking they would like to serve some morning scones with my coffee in my Shawna mug.

Judy Shreve said...

Shawna - I love the platters -- the colors & the shape. Really like your handle treatment!

Patricia Griffin said...

Love these!