Monday, January 4, 2010

Cardamom Marshmallows part 1

This summer I had the pleasure of attending a show in Brooklyn where Whimsy and Spice was vending a few spots down from us and I made sure to bring home a package of their Cardamom Marshmallows which we enjoyed floating in hot cups of coffee for the next week. I have had the flavor in my memory ever since and so tonight decided to try my hand at making my own cardamom marshmallows to take to a dinner with friends on Wednesday night. I don't know if they will be quite the same but I'm excited to try them! I have done a bit of research on making marshmallows (yes, I am that girl) and most recipes seem to be pretty similar but the one I used tonight (no, it's not my first time....don't judge!) can be found here.You will need a candy thermometer to make these but other than that these are a pretty simple treat to make. The first time I made marshmallows it was a super sticky mess but this time went pretty smoothly. I'm not sure if it was due to the change of recipe or just that I knew what to expect and practice makes perfect! I added 1 tsp. of cardamom powder to the gelatin mixture at the beginning of the recipe.

Make sure to prepare your baking pan with parchment and lots of pam so the marshmallow mixture doesn't stick. You will have to leave it out overnight to dry, mine is on the counter as we speak so tomorrow I will let you know how the final product comes out.
I'm such a big fan of marshmallows, I could eat them straight from the bag and have been known to make hot chocolate purely for eating the warm gooey marshmallow topping, and then putting more on only to eat it right off again!
Tomorrow I will unmold them and toss in powdered sugar. Look forward to some better photos as well, my night photography isn't very good!

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