Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Check out my super famous hubby!

This Monday I was given the job of photographer at M's book signing at a local Barnes and Nobel. It was a total mad house! M does a wonderful job of speaking to the kids and interacting with them to explain how he comes up with his characters. He even draws some of the kids as space creatures or evil monsters! It's so fun to watch and the kids really get into shouting ideas out and watching M turn their words into crazy drawings. Monday he wound up selling out of books and the line was around the store! I actually left to do a little shopping in the middle of it all and when I came back there was still a line! So I just had to share some of my favorite pictures of the night and brag about what a super star my husband is.
If you want to see what all the commotion is about you can check out his new book for kids Adam Wreck by Michael S. Bracco or his more adult series (rated PG-13) Birth and NOVO. They would make really great stocking stuffers and he will even sign and draw on the inside cover!

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