Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ABC's and 123's

Well school has officially started for me....again. I am loving that I only have to work on Tuesday's and Thursday's though! I am having fun, it's a lot different to face a class of college Seniors compared to a class of 5 year olds. I have to be reminded not to call them "kids" when I talk about my classes. I have been busy getting things ready for the class but I have also been busy in the studio. I am playing catch-up right now, trying to get some work done for the shows coming up, to restock my etsy shop and for a couple of charity events that I donate to. I don't have money to help other people out but if I can donate work to an auction (one that I believe in) to support a cause then I do. I hope it does something good. I have work about to go to the SPCA and work going to Clayworks "Clay Ball". Both are very important, I think. Anyway, be sure to check out some of the new work I just posted on etsy today. I took a LOT of photos this morning so hopefully I will be listing more and more work as the week goes on. For now, check out this sweet little "back to school inspired" cookie plate I just listed today, perfect for an after school snack!


Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

That is the pefect "Back to School" plate. I think it's cool that your teaching Seniors. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

the wee cookie plate looks nice and your etsy shop is looking good too. i like all the photography with the green background, it works really well.