Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sorry to be absent the last few days but I have been playing in the dirt outside my house for a change! I ripped out the forest of weeds in the backyard and in their place planted some really pretty flowers, a butterfly bush and lots and lots of herb plants. I know I'm kinda late in the season for such a big overhaul but everything I planted is supposed to be hearty and come back next summer. Now my backyard is petty but I am covered in bug bites! So my itchy self decided to take a break today and work on some stuff inside. It helps that it's been raining all day. I took some pictures of some new pots and some stuff for Michael to list in his shop. Here are some mugs I made using my new molding technique, not sure I like the hand built handles. Thrown doesn't look right but these look too.... amateur-ish? I'll have to play around a little more. Handles are my least favorite thing to make. I have never felt really good at it so I guess that's why. Oh well, here you go anyway!


Anonymous said...

nice cups, i think the handles are fine, particularly like the flying machine cup

pinkkiss said...

Thanks, that one is now in my collection since some of the glaze pulled in the inside. I layered it differently and it didn't work as nice. Now I get to keep it!