Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back and Inspired!

A crazy drum circle we ran into our first night in town.
Michael made fun of me for taking a picture of a street sign.
Here we are at the "scenic view" about 2 hours away from Asheville.

We are back in town from our trip to Asheville, North Carolina and we had a blast! Some highlights include....awesome food (our favorite was the Tupleo Honey Cafe), cute downtown with crazy good street music, The Big Crafty of course (we were 2 tents down from Mudstuffing and I came home with one of Keith's peep show mugs!) and a walk around the river arts district where we got to see just a few of the many many potters who live in Asheville. Wow, there are a lot. Today I was read to be back in the studio and spent some time mixing up glazes and sitting at the wheel, something I haven't done in a while since I've been pretty into handbuilding lately. It felt good to have the clay in my hands again and I can't wait to try out some new ideas that have been stewing in my head:)

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Anonymous said...

only dedicated bloggers understand why you would take a picture of a sign... lucky you getting one of those peep show mugs, i saw several at his etsy shop. glad to hear you're inspired, sometimes it's so difficult to get pumped up.