Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playing catch-up

Clay shavings from all the new pots:)
(above) Bowls drying, hand thrown slabs formed over thrown bisque molds. (below) Rows of new rectangular dip dishes and salt and pepper pots.

Well I hope you got out to check out Pile of Craft because it rocked! It also left me pretty out of stock for most things. Not that I'm complaining (at all) but it has caused me to be locked away in the studio for the last few days. Michael and I did make it out for about an hour last night to check out our new local farmer's market and get some ice cream. We will be making it a weekly trip since there was some seriously tasty looking food there that we didn't get to eat since we had dinner before going. I did buy some tasty looking beets and a couple of grass fed, all natural pork chops to throw on the grill later. Anyway, I thought I would take a break today while some slabs are drying to give you a little peek at what I'm working on. The studio is a mess so don't look too close:) I also figured out what went wrong with that glaze a few months ago...I just looked up the original recipe in my sketchbook and when I copied it down for the studio I left out an add-in ingredient. Doh! I will be remixing and retesting later on so I'll let you know if the results are any better.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is an artist studio that DOESN'T have those Ikea shelves.

I love your stuff!

pinkkiss said...

Thanks! And I bet not:) I used to have big metal ones but when we moved they went the way of the dumpster and I found the IKEA shelves. Cheap and they work...what more can you ask for:)