Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farmer's Market Trip

Onions and Potatoes in a Naomi Cleary Bowl I bought at Art Star.
Fresh Basil that made my car smell delicious on the ride home.
Asparagus and English Peas sitting in the fridge.

This morning I had to drop Michael off at the Hon Fest in Hampden, for those who do not know what a "hon" is just think big beehives, spandex leopard print, cat's eye glasses and John Waters. You'll get the picture. Since I was up and out of the house early I made a stop at the Waverly farmer's market which is on my way home from Hampden. This was my first trip there this season and oh how I missed it! I'm glad they only take cash because it helps me limit my spending, I go crazy for fresh produce:) I have a system for walking the market, I have to do a lap around first so I can see who has the best stuff and the best prices. Then I get the stuff that looks like it's going fast, like strawberries and asparagus. Followed by the heavy stuff like potatoes and squash and finally... anything that needs to stay cold like butter and cheese or delicate like lettuce. The market seemed to grow a little this year and is extending out into the main street a little so I had to walk it about 3 times to get all my goodies. Since this week also brought me a new camera lens (so excited!) I thought I'd take some pictures of my veggies to share here. I'll be cooking like crazy this week to use up all that I bought! Do you have a favorite market near you?

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