Monday, March 2, 2009

New work up!

Stag spoon rest.
The Hunt mug.
Su-shi set.

Today I had planned to take the day off of work since I spent the weekend painting my mom's shop but Mother Nature decided that I didn't need to take another "sick" day and instead provided a snow storm which closed school for the day. I guess I owe her a big thank you and I promise to plant in my garden this spring:) Anyway, I spent the morning taking some new photos and posting to my etsy shop so be sure to stop by and check out some new work. Hopefully this week I will spend some quality time in the studio and give some updates on those teapots that are waiting to be decorated!


Linda Starr said...

Beautiful layers and I love the contrast of the background with the foreground.

Anonymous said...

totally cool work... i really like the cup and the way the graphic quality plays of the thin slip wash

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Really like the colors and texture in your pottery.