Saturday, October 11, 2008

The three clays.

As soon as I have some time to work in the studio, I run out of clay. I ordered more but the delivery is running late and the later it gets the more worried I am about not ordering enough. I tried some other clays last night trying to find one that my supplier stocks but they just weren't right. One has too much grog for me and tears up my hands while I throw and the other has no grog and won't keep it's shape like I like. I am one who likes to throw with a soft body and have no trouble with porcelain so you know that clay must be super soft! Anyway, I have to call the supply store today and find out what's up. I really don't want to have to buy one of the not-right clays but I might have to suck it up!grrrr.


Linda Starr said...

Love the leaf - is it red clay on the reverse unglazed? I really like Windsor porcelain clay for throwing and hand building - I get it from Laguna clay. What clays did you try?

Anonymous said...

I once drove 45mins to pick up my clay, bought 300lbs and then got home to find it was a different clay body. It was the same name but a different recipe with much more off-gasing. It was all wrong for me. If only they had mentioned it at the store. I hope it all works out for you.

pinkkiss said...

Thanks guys, I did wind up getting my clay, all 500 pounds of it! I'm so relieved! And I use Stan's Red normally but I had some 104 and 103 laying around that I was trying to make work.I also love Little Loafers for throwing but I want the colors the low fire is giving me right now.