Thursday, September 4, 2008

For Monica

I am posting this photo for my friend Monica of SugarPaperie. We share an obsession with milk glass and as I was surfing through my etsy favorites page I stumbled across this photographer, fieryeyed. I really love the old Polaroid camera and she has a great eye. Before I fell in love with clay I had a brief love affair with photography. We didn't last. I needed more, but it made me very picky when it comes to photographs. It really takes something special for me to take notice. I know, snobby. Really I am just bitter since now I have to turn back to photography to take my photos to sell my work. It's like asking an ex for a favor. You don't like it but know you can't get what you need any other way. Anyway, Monica this photo reminded me of you and your beautiful vases all lined up on that shelf in your adorable home:)

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sugarpaperie said...

Thank you, thank you! Even though I have limited space for my collections, I still feel compelled to rescue and carry home any piece I find. Perhaps I can share some with you! OXOXO M