Friday, June 6, 2008

I thought I would share my artist statement with you today. I just wrote it last night for a show I applied for. I also updated my resume;)

When I was young I remember someone telling me that it is impossible for the human mind to think only one thought.
Our days are stuck in fast-forward as we are running from one event to another, completing our daily rituals while in constant motion. My work hopes to create a focal point, a moment of pause, a thought or a flood of memory while simply eating a meal or washing a dish, a quiet interruption of your day. The words are barely there, you must lean in to read them but they are not complete, a fragment left behind for you; the viewer. The intricate patterns overlaid with imagery represent a sense of time that has passed and the impressions it has left, the mark we have made on the world.
On occasion I still close my eyes and try to make my mind think of only one thing.

:) Michael helped me fix my photos last night, what a great hubby!

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